When MTV announced its plans to remake Skins in August, I knew this latest announcement was coming any day now. MTV has ordered 10 episodes of a more U.S. and probably censor friendly version of the U.K. teen drama Skins. There are no other details about the show, about where it is set or the characters, at this time.

Skins is one of my favorite shows. Its frank portrayal of teenagers living in Bristol makes Gossip Girl and The O.C. look like kindergarten. Even the somewhat disastrous Series 4 is eons better than a quality episode of Gossip Girl.

I’m going to try to not judge the American adaptation of the series, but it is going to be difficult. As usual, I will be recapping the show.

Are you excited for Skins to come to the U.S.? Can any American version really top this series?

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