Postcard #5 – Saratoga Springs

Received: Saturday June 12, 2010

It has been nearly a month since a postcard arrived in my mailbox. Here is the latest addition to my collection. It is from my friends Hillary and Jenn and for once, not from Melanie.

Message:┬áDear Joanna, We are having a lovely time up in Saratoga Springs visit my dear Auntie Sharon. We are positively chipper to be seeing you in just two days. How grand it will be experiencing the city with you at our side. We can hardly wait… but we will because we must. Tata for now darling! — Hillary and Jenn

This postcard from Saratoga Springs is very quirky addition to my collection and I greatly enjoy it. If all of my postcards were the same, I would quickly tire of this project.

This postcard is interesting because two people wrote it together…and I can definitely tell. Hillary has sent me several postcards in the past from Indiana and during her travels throughout Europe. Knowing the tone she tends to have when she writes a postcard, a very thoughtful, detailed, and not very lighthearted one, the tone of this postcard struck me as odd. The phrases “my dear Auntie Sharon” and “positively chipper” stood out.

Hillary explained to me (via text message… discussing a postcard in a text message is bizarre concept) that she wrote the postcard (duh, Hillary. I would recognize your teeny tiny handwriting anywhere) but Jenn more or less dictated to her what to write.

Of course, what makes this postcard great is that until I revealed this tidbit, you would never know who wrote which aspect of the postcard. You would just think it was a cute and fun postcard that two of my friends enjoyed writing together, which it absolutely is.

There is also a funny postscript on the card that I don’t think you can see in the photograph. It reads: “Hill wrote this while with you in NYC. Drinking whiskey. Yep.” She is referring to my address. Hillary and Jenn didn’t know my address offhand. When we were in New York City last Monday, I told them it and Hillary made sure to cover up the postcard so I couldn’t read it over her shoulder.

2 thoughts on “Postcard #5 – Saratoga Springs

  1. Just so ya know, Jenn dictated the first sentence and then I did the rest keeping with the flow and checking with her to make sure it sounded decent. I want more credit lady! Hahah, thanks for writing about it! MIss you!

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