My Week in Film: July 31 to August 6

Last week was fairy busy between launching my new podcasting venture, The Ally and Joanna Show, and forgetting about celebrating my blog-a-versary. Here is the rundown of what I watched.

August 3: Jezebel (dir. William Wyler, 1938)

I should note that I didn’t quite watch Jezebel. (What? Blasphemy!) While I can’t resist Bette Davis’ special brand of bitchiness in this, I couldn’t watch the entire movie. So I timed the showing on TCM to what I think is the movie’s very best moment. This:

August 4: The White Sister (dir. Henry King, 1923) – Starting your morning with a Lillian Gish movie is never a bad idea.

Gulp (dir. Will Studd and Ed Patterson) From Aardman Animations, it is the largest stop-motion animation. Watch:

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