My Week in Film: September 25 to October 1

Here is what I watched last week.

Rabbit Hole (dir. John Cameron Mitchell, 2010)

I don’t love Nicole Kidman. Sometimes I find her incredibly overrated but not with Rabbit Hole. The scene above is one  where she acts the hell out of it. Rabbit Hole is a gut-wrenching movie about the death of a child. Kidman and Aaron Eckhart delivering amazing performances as the grieving parents. It amazes me that Eckhart’s performance was largely overlooked – perhaps because it was less nuanced – when Kidman’s performance would have been less without it. Along with Michelle Williams being recognized for Blue Valentine while Ryan Gosling was not, 2010 was a year when symbiotic performances wouldn’t both receive the praise that was due.

The Last of the Mohicans (dir. Michael Mann, 1991)

I had a blast watching The Last of the Mohicans. It’s completely entertaining. How can you not be entertained by Daniel Day-Lewis running in slow motion with his long, flowing black hair flying through the wind? [My post on The Last of the Mohicans.]

The Asphalt Jungle (dir. John Huston, 1950)

I’m on a huge John Huston kick right now. I plan on rewatching several of his movies, beginning with The Asphalt Jungle. [My post on The Asphalt Jungle.]

I’m Not There (dir. Todd Haynes, 2007)

Truthfully, I only found this movie engaging when Cate Blanchett was on screen. I might give I’m Not There a second look later today but probably not.

Bus Stop (dir. Joshua Logan, 1956)

Bus Stop starts off slow and  rodeo star Bo (Don Murray) is kind of an annoying character.  Then Marilyn Monroe shows up and brings the movie to a different level. I adore the comedic but very sweet relationship that develops between saloon singer Cherie (Monroe) and naive rodeo star Bo, even if it is completely illogical. I also oddly love buses.

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