My Week in Film: October 9 to October 15

Footloose (dir. Craig Brewer, 2011)

The remake of Footloose wasn’t terrible, though I did miss Kevin Bacon and Lori Singer. Teenagers will embrace it though and I think there is a decent message in .  (My review of Footloose.) Also marvel at how Julianne Hough does not look like a teenager in this clip. At all.

Barney’s Version (dir. Richard J. Lewis, 2010)

Paul Giamatti is one my favorite actors and he dominates Barney’s Version in every way possible. You probably shouldn’t like a character like Barney Parnofsky. He lives his life however he chooses.  He drinks too much, smokes too much, and is incredibly impulsive. That includes meeting his third wife, Miriam (Rosamund Pike) at his wedding to his second wife (Minnie Driver). You’re willing to ignore Barney’s faults because of Giamatti’s performance.

The Tourist (dir. Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck, 2010)

I really have nothing to say about The Tourist. I just want to watch Charade and cry into my pillow.

Skip The Tourist. Watch Charade.

I Love You, I Love You Not (dir. Billy Hopkins, 1996)

Last night I had a sudden urge to watch Easy A and was disappointed when it wasn’t on instant Netflix anymore. (Note to self: Buy Easy A.) And then, I found I Love You, I Love You Not, which stars Claire Danes and Jude Law. In the 90s. I couldn’t resist it.

Claire Danes is Daisy, a bookwormish NYC prep school girl with a crush on Ethan (Jude Law) the lacrosse captain.  (She likes to read Tolstoy! He plays lacrosse! They are such opposites.) Daisy and Ethan have a little romance but school gets in the way. Oh yeah, Daisy’s Jewish and isolated in school because of it. Her Nana (Jeanne Mornaeu) relates because she survived the Holocaust and shares her stories with Daisy. (Danes plays young Nana in flashbacks.) The plot summary is better than the movie, which is hokey, choppy, and tedious to watch. Danes, who perfected the moody teenager gaze in My So-Called Life, overacts (more than she normally does) and it is just strange watch Jude Law in this.

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