Other Projects

DELTIOLOGY – An ongoing multimedia project.

Skype Postcard (2009)

Deltiology is the practice of collecting postcards. I believe that Deltiology is the art of collecting postcards. From this belief I have developed an ongoing multimedia project, Deltiology. I use my Tumblr to explore this project. My current project is 365 Days of Postcards, which examines one postcard from my collection per day.

In 2008, I edited my first film, Postcard, for my video production class. The film examines the role of the postcard as something that preserves memories and triggers nostalgia for a specific time and place. This idea is particularly resonant in today’s digital age of social networking where personal connections are less intimate. I have edited three additional films, Skype Postcard (2009), Postcards NZ (2009), and Postcards Unknown (2010).  These four films can be watched on YouTube.

In March 2010, I curated my first installation, Postcards: An Installation. It featured a 20-minute film, Postcards and several postcards from my collection. My postcards were featured in frames, on mobiles, and in a collage.  I used the postcards that I had collected overtime and began understanding my status as a “Deltiologist” (postcard collector”) more theoretically.

From April to June 2010, I wrote a series of blog posts about the postcards I received from my friends.

Other projects include Postcardscape #1 – New Jersey, a collage made from distressed postcards, and Summer of My Discontent, an essay and digital print. Currently, I am posting about one postcard per day on my Tumblr page and continually exploring new work and collaborations.

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