Review: North by Northwest (1959)

This afternoon I was casually flipping through the channels and one of the best movies ever made was on. And if you haven’t already noticed it was North by Northwest, one of my personal favorites.

This movie stars Cary Grant as an advertising executive who is mistaken to be a spy and is tracked across the country, culminating in a chase sequence on top Mount Rushmore.

North by Northwest finds the always sexy and debonair Cary Grant working with director Alfred Hitchcock for the third time to create another Hitchcock masterpiece. And that’s easily why I like it so much. The charm and style of the actor just oozes off the screen.

Hitchcock is known for something called being ahead of the curve, meaning he’ll end a scene early before all the information is given. He does that in this movie so you’ll go “oh, that’s what that meant”. Once again, Hitchcock proves why he is the greatest director of all time with this movie.

Cary Grant is brilliant, like always. His screen presence is why he is among my favorite actors. When he shares the screen with Eva Marie Saint (your typical Hitchcock leading lady) or the other supporting actors including the always incredible James Mason, why he’s the best is evident.

This movie expertly combines acting, dialogue, cinematography, music and plot (all the essentials). Not to mention two remarkable chase scenes that only a Hitchcock movie could have to make movie magic.

3 thoughts on “Review: North by Northwest (1959)”

  1. hey jo!!!! im def commenting! haha go me! but yeah… awesome blog darling even tho i have nooo clue about half the movies you are talkin about its still cool! love you tons!!!!!!

    <3 yoojin

  2. JOANNA!!!!

    i’m also def commenting tho i apparently did not beat ginny to the punch. anyways, cant wait to see you hopefully in not too long. did you ever consider writing movie reviews as a career? because I dont know many normal people who would use the word “debonair” in a normal sentence. haha love you more hun telly nummie i say hi =)

    <3 stephie

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