Review: Les Choristes (2004)

Les Choristes falls into the same category as many other movies. That is the idea of a teacher who comes to a troubled school, stands up to the negative administrator, and guides the students changing their lives forever. Dead Poets Society, Stand and Deliver and Mr Holland’s Opus are all examples.

Just because Les Choristes (The Chorus) is similar to these films does not mean it is any less of an achievement. When Clement Mathieu arrives at a boarding school for troubled boys, he is expected by the headmaster to go along the often strict discipline and ignore the depressing atmosphere. Most of the boys are orphans; one stands by the gate and waits for his father to come every Saturday. The teacher became so tired from telling him that his parents are dead, that they just please him and tell the boy that his parents will come the following Saturday.

It becomes evident to Mathieu that the boys need guidance and an escape from the harsh environment of the school. Against the wishes of the headmaster, Mathieu forms the Chorus and with his passion and unconventional teaching methods, he gives the boys something to enjoy and believe in for once in their lives.


One thought on “Review: Les Choristes (2004)”

  1. I almost rented this movie. Being a French student, I am usually interested in what the French have to offer in cinema. My favorite French film is Buffet Froid, which is kind of a film noir comedy/drama. I will definitely check it out.

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