Review: Touch of Pink (2004)

Cary Grant is back and better than ever in this little-seen diaspora cinema comedy. How can Cary Grant be back if he’s been dead for the last 20 years? That is exactly the question he asks you in the beginning of Touch of Pink. Of course, it’s not the real Cary Grant, but rather his spirit who acts as a guide to Alim, a young man living in London.

Alim is an Indian who was born in Kenya, grew up in Toronto and now lives in London to escape his overbearing mother, Nuru and his past. He works as a set photographer for the movie industry, he in a serious relationship with his boyfriend Giles and he couldn’t be happier. That is until his mother comes to visit and tries to persuade Alim to come home. There is one problem Nuru doesn’t know that her son is gay. Throughout the picture Alim hides his relationship with Giles from his mother which only creates more problems. But he shouldn’t fear because Cary Grant, played wonderfully by Kyle MacLachlan, is there to guide Alim through all of his troubles.

Touch of Pink is filled with references to many of Grant’s movies including: The Bishop’s Wife, Charade, The Philadelphia Story and most importantly Gunga Din. There is this running bit about Cary Grant has to attend an Indian wedding and he arrives dressed like his character from Gunga Din. It’s priceless.

This movie will be a treat for any Cary Grant fan.

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