And the Year Was 1939…

I was having a conversation with my friend Austin about movies. Somewhere during this conversation we began chatting about 1939 and it dawned upon me.

1939 was probably the greatest year for American movies ever. Here’s some examples of why:

1) Goodbye, Mr. Chips
2) Stagecoach
3) Ninotchka
4) Wuthering Heights
5) Dark Victory
6) Love Affair
7) Destry Rides Again
8) Mr. Smith Goes to Washington
9) Young Mr. Lincoln
10) The Hunchback of Notre Dame
11) Gunga Din
12) Only Angels Have Wings

Oh and there were these two other movies that you may have heard of…

The Wizard of Oz and Gone With the Wind.

Yes, I think it was a pretty good year for the film industry in 1939.

2 thoughts on “And the Year Was 1939…”

  1. This counts as the second time I have made it onto one of your blog posts! I just started Netflix and Gone With the Wind is on my list. I love the Wizard of Oz, too.

  2. Gone With the Wind is excellent , not my all-time favorite but up there. Make sure to watch all the features when you rent it, there are tons to choose from including interviews with Olivia de Havilland.

    Personally, I’m proud of that graphic. Took me forever to make.

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