Harry’s Goblet Fires Up Box Office

As most of you may already know, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire opened at number one at this weekend’s box office.

And unlike the million+ people who went to see the fourth installment of Harry Potter, I did not go because of stupid sisterly bonding and traditions. It makes me bitter when all anyone could talk about at school today was Harry Potter and I, the undisputed Queen of movie knowledge at my school, did not go. Needless to say, people were shocked. But, enough about me, more about Harry Potter dominating the box office.
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From eonline.com

Conjuring up a franchise-best $102.3 million from Friday through Sunday, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire ended Hollywood’s long-running slump and recorded the fourth-best opening of all time, according to the ticket counters at Exhibitor Relations.

Despite a PG-13 rating for scary content, which includes the usual assortment of scary creatures along with a character’s death and the first cinematic appearance of Lord Voldemort (spookily essayed by a noseless barely recognizable Ralph Fiennes), the fourth installment in the Potter saga accounted for 60 percent of the weekend ticket sales. The film opened in 3,858 sites, where it averaged a magical $26,525 per screen.

Worldwide, Goblet gobbled up $181.4 million in 19 foreign countries, with England, not surprisingly, contributing the highest portion of the overseas money–$24.6 million.

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All I have to say is … go Harry Potter! I’m going Thursday night in case anyone was wondering. My sister and I are ditching our family on Thanksgiving for this movie. What can I say, I love my HP.

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