This Irritates Me

Peck’s Stolen Star Replaced

Gregory Peck’s stolen star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame has been replaced in a simple ceremony, which took place yesterday. Late actor Peck’s original star had been part of the Hollywood Boulevard celebrity shrine for more than four decades until someone with a cement saw cut the bronze and terrazzo marker out of the sidewalk. The crime occurred sometime in late November, and apparently drew no one’s attention.

While unveiling the replacement yesterday, Hollywood’s honorary mayor Johnny Grant lifted a covering and announced, “Ladies and gentlemen, we proudly welcome back to the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Gregory Peck.” Peck, who died in 2003 at age 87, became the fourth celebrity have his star stolen since the Walk of Fame was inaugurated. Stars honoring Jimmy Stewart and Kirk Douglas disappeared some years ago after being removed for construction and were later recovered by police. Gene Autry’s star also vanished during a construction project.

Why do people feel inclined to do these things?

I don’t even care that stealing is illegal, what I care about is how disrespectful this action is.

Filmmaking, and acting are art forms. As movie goers and fans, we should respect and appreciate the entire Hollywood industry and what it gives us. The purpose of the Hollywood Walk of Fame to memorialize the great actors, recording artists and filmmakers of the past and present. It is a touching tribute and great honor bestowed onto that star.

Almost as important is what the Walk of Fame is represents to the fans. People who come from all over the world to L.A. will make the trip to the Walk of Fame. To stand by your favorite star’s star is a momentous occasion for any fan.

The person who made the effort to steal Gregory Peck’s star is hardly a true fan. He or she was only looking for some sort of glory or monetary benefits. What irritates me the most is how no one realized that Peck’s star was even missing. Didn’t people notice that when there was a giant hole in the ground that something was wrong?

Seriously annoying.

3 thoughts on “This Irritates Me”

  1. Yeah, that’s the first thing I thot. Didn’t anyone notice a chunk of the sidewalk was missing.
    I loved him on ‘To kill a Mockingbird’.
    A very sexy guy.

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