The Oscar Season Rundown

Everything leads to the Oscars.

This is yet another award season post. I found the award season schedule on Hollywood Elsewhere and it has been very helpful to me. Now I can plan my social activities for the next three months.


12/10 – Los Angeles Film Critics announce their picks

12/12 The National Board of Review 

12/12 –  New York Film Critics Circle announce their picks.

12/13 – Golden Globe nominations are announced.

The other critics groups – Boston, San Francisco, Chicago, Miami, San Diego, Seattle – will start to weigh in next week also, or very soon after.

1/4/06 – Writers Guild of America and Producers Guild nominations

1/5/06 – Screen Actors Guild and Directors Guild nominations

1/9/06 – Broadcast Film Critics Association Awards

1/16/06 – Golden Globe Awards

1/28/06 – Directors Guild Awards

1/29/06 – Screen Actors Guild awards

1/31/06 – Academy Award nominations are announced

2/4/06 – Writers Guild Awards

2/19/06 – BAFTA Awards

3/4/06 – Independent Spirit Awards


And campaigning and strategizing for the 2007 Academy Awards begins around early to mid-July 2006.


That’s the schedule. I’ll be commenting on all (if not most) of this years awards hoopla as the nominations/winners are announced.

3 thoughts on “The Oscar Season Rundown”

  1. It’s very packed. And you haven’t even begun to see the magnitude of my insanity during Award season yet

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