Christmas! Presents!

I’ll admit it right now that I was a little spoiled this Christmas. Maybe it was the tickets to the Billy Joel concert in February or the printer for my digital camera but my parents went overboard on the gifts for moi this year. Here is what I received related to movies:

I think that my family is getting tired of my movie obsession. My siblings got me a six month subscription to Netflix, which is a great present for a movie nut like myself. I guess my mother complained enough about having to drive me to blockbuster three times every weekend that my siblings got the hint.

And more evidence that I am kind of crazy… In less than 25 minutes of selecting movies, I had over 50 films on my rental queue.

I also received 10 DVDs from my parents.
The Graduate
Citizen Kane
Dirty Dancing
The Complete James Dean Collection (3 DVDs)
On the Waterfront
March of the Penguins
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Sadly, I still have not received the one gift I have wanted for the past 2 years. The Turner Classic Movies Scene It Board Game. According to my parents, there is no one in my family who could possibly beat me and that is why I will never get it.

Hope your Christmas was as enjoyable as mine!

5 thoughts on “Christmas! Presents!”

  1. Looks like you made out fine in the DVD department. March of the Penguins was a pleasant surprise, as is Netflix.

  2. I’m glad you had a good Christmas. I got lots of DVDs as well, all of them classics of course. My sisters got me the DVD from the TCM Scene It. It’s the same thing without the boardgame part.

  3. I seriously hope you end up being a movie critic, or producer, or something one day. It would be a shame to waste such a perfectly formed obsession. :)

  4. Cine you aren’t alone. I am a film fanatic as well. I usually stick to older movies and movies I grew up watching. The movies these days don’t hold my interest. They don’t put effort into them anymore and you don’t even know who the actors are now a days. I was just watching Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde. I got the 1932 and 1941 version on DVD for Christmas. I also got The Color Purple. Now you talk about some good movies. Movies aren’t the way they used to be.

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