Review: Brokeback Mountain (2005)

Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal in Brokeback Mountain

To say that Ang Lee’s Brokeback Mountain is just a gay cowboy movie would be giving it the short end of the stick. It is captivating, touching and an amazingly excellent picture and those reasons alone should silence the childish snickering.

Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal star as Ennis Del Mar and Jack Twist respectively. The men meet in the summer of 1963 when they are hired to be sheepherders on Brokeback Mountain in Wyoming. They spend two weeks on the trail and instantly develop a connection then a sexual relationship. They then separate for fours years and move on with their lives. They both marry and have children; Del Mar to Alma (Michelle Williams) and Twist to Lureen (Anne Hathaway). But even after their initial separation neither man can forget the time they spent on Brokeback Mountain. The remainder of the film follows the men as their lives and relationship continue to evolve.

This is a film that will remain with you long after it is over. The performances in this film are completely mesmerizing. Heath Ledger delivers beyond the most powerful screen performance of recent memory. But what got me the most was story. Whether you agree with it or not, Brokeback Mountain is a love story. It is a bittersweet story of an impossible and unacceptable yearning that ends much too soon. No matter your opinion, see it. Brokeback Mountain will affect you.

Updated October 9, 2010

5 thoughts on “Review: Brokeback Mountain (2005)”

  1. I have a burning ? for you.

    A movie I think from the early 60’s w/a character name of ‘Tony Roma’ or ‘Tony Rome’…

    Do you know anything about it?

    It keeps popping in my head. I’m thinking Frank Sinatra was in it?

  2. Hi Cine, hope you enjoying the new year! I love Jake Gyllenhaal he is so fine! I also read recently that he maybe bisexual. He says he has wanted to experience being with a man for a long time and feels he is bisexual. I wonder if this is the reason he decided to take this role. As for Heath Ledger, I don’t like him very much. He hasn’t impressed me in anything I’ve seen him in. And I am pissed that Hollywood has made him Casanova when Casanova is supposed to be dark, he was Italian I believe and very dark. And they get Heath who doesn’t look the role and couldn’t be sexy to me no matter what he did. I could see Johnny Depp since he was so good as Don Juan DeMarco back in 95′. At least Johnny looks like Casanova. Heath Ledger gets to me and I am sick of seeing him in all these movies, LOL. What happened to Leonardo DiCaprio who hasn’t done a thing since The Aviator? I think Leo would have been good as Casanova. He may not be dark but he’s Italian. See ya’!

  3. I admire your open minded attitude about Brokeback Mountain. And I think that you gave it a fair review.

    I think Ang Lee is a fine director and that Heath, Jake, Michelle and Anne are fine actors.

    Did you happen to see Syriana? If so, I must have been mentally challeneged. Can you explain it to me?

  4. You’re absolutely correct. You’re thinking of Tony Rome the movie starring Frank Sinatra from 1967. Gena Rowlands also stars. Sinatra plays the title chacter, a private investigator who is hired by a millionaire to find his daughter’s missing jewels. That’s all I know; I’ve never seen it.

  5. Arlen – I wrote a review for “Syriana” a few days ago and that gives better and more details. Pretty much it is about the affect the merger of the oil compnay, Connex-Killen, has on the different character’s lives.

    Stacy – Leonardo DiCaprio has been filming “The Good Sheperd” with Matt Damon and ,big surprise, it’s directed by Scorcese. As much as I didn’t like “The Aviator”, Leo’s acting blew me away. I’m hoping he and Scorcese get those Oscars they rightfully deserve SOON.

    With Heath Ledger, I think “Brokeback Mountain” is his time to shine. Let’s think about the movies he starred in, where his performance alone carried the film. Not to many I say. Until this year he has only been in subpar films. This is his breakout year.

    And if you want to see Johnny Depp in a “Casanova”-esque role, go see “The Libertine” but I suggest renting it. I hear its not worth the movies effort.

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