President Bush Watches Brokeback Mountain…

One of the more original blogs I’ve discovered is President’s Intern. Although the author hasn’t come out and said it, I’m postive it’s a humorous/satirical take on the White House and Bush administration. (If it’s not then, I would be a little scared.) And a recent post entitled President Bush Watches Brokeback Mountain caught my eye. Enjoy as President Bush and VP Cheney discuss the gay cowboys and how the President shockingly enjoyed the flick.

2 thoughts on “President Bush Watches Brokeback Mountain…”

  1. It’s funny how Bush has so much he needs to do yet he can find time to vacation, spy on Americans and watch movies. Instead of meeting with protesters and getting government funds to people that need it he’s watching movies huh? Well, can’t say I’m surprised. Hopefully by the end of this year he can find something more important and meaningful to do like stopping this war and…well everything else he should be doing, LOL!

  2. Stacy-Deanne: The President did not actually watch the movie. The website that CineFille is referring to is satirical, meaning that its news stories are not true. The entire thing is fake, like the Daily Show. Do you actually think President Bush would see the gay cowboy movie? I don’t.

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