My 2006 Golden Globe Awards Recap

The first big award show of the season has come and gone and I have to say, this year’s ceremony was enjoyable, entertaining, and it had a few surprises as well.

The Golden Globe Awards foreshadow the Academy Awards ceremony. You should expect last night’s big winners to be contenders when Oscar time rolls around (in SEVEN WEEKS!!!!)

Here’s my recap of the night, as I sat in front of my TV, dreaming of the day I get to go to one of these big events.

I turned on the red carpet hoopla at around 6pm. I started with E! but when Issac Mizarahi asked Teri Hatcher if she was wearing underwear or not and then he proceded to look down her dress, I switched stations. I went looking for Joan and Melissa (sorry, Ryan Seacrest does not cut for me) and I got bored. Then I settled on NBC. A good choice too. I didn’t have to switch channels at 8:00 when the ceremony began.

Fashion this year. BORING! Black and blah. Natalie Portman looked pretty though. Anyone else see something they liked? Nothing jumped out at me, except Ziyi Zhang’s dress, but it was bright green… kind of hard to miss.

At 8:03 I had a mini panic attack. The Globes hadn’t started yet and I thought that North Korea attacked California. Once I relaxed the Globes started and I was a happy camper.

The first two awards. I’m happy Rachel Weisz won. Hopefully she’ll win the Oscar. George Clooney’s win, also very excited though I would still love it if Paul Giamatti won the big award.

George Clooney gave a humorous speech, where he thanked Jack Abrhamoff “just beacuse”. Then he added something along the lines of, what kind of parents with the word “off” in their name, call their son Jack. Just for that, I want to marry George Clooney.

Reese Witherspoon or as she is still called in some circles “that Legally Blonde girl” won for Walk the Line. Joaquin Phoenix also received the Globe for his role as Johnny Cash in Walk the Line. The picture itself, received Best Picture – Musical or Comedy. Hopefully I’ll actually see it before the Academy Awards.

Felicity Huffman and Phillip Seymour Hoffman took home the Best Actress/Actor – Drama prize respectively. (Note to self, if I want to be a successful actor, change my last name to Hiffman). Huffman won for her role in Transamerica, the story of a man who wants to become a woman. Hoffman won for his portrayal of writer Truman Capote.

And finally Brokeback Mountain. Although this landmark film didn’t take home any acting awards (which I am not surprised by at all), it did receive four. Best Screenplay, Best Original Song, Best Director – Ang Lee, and Best Picture – Drama.

Ang Lee said by far my favorite quote. The impact of Brokeback Mountain is “the power of movies to change the way we think.”

My predictions were close. In fact, I only got one entirely wrong. Best Supporting Actor I said was most likely Paul Giamatti, but the award went instead to George Clooney. In other cases for Best Supporting Actress and Best Actor – Drama, the actor I said who should win but most likely won’t, won making this cinephile very pleased.

The SAG awards are on January 28. After that, the forerunners for the Academy Awards should be pretty clear. Looking foward to it.

6 thoughts on “My 2006 Golden Globe Awards Recap”

  1. Congratulations on your picks. I too, wish Giamatti had won. To me, he doesn’t get his due. Have you ever seen him in Duets? I LOVE that movie!

  2. How could I ever forget you guys? This blog is the beginning of my career as a movie critic/historian in a way and you all had something to do with that. I could never forget that.

    I did love Keira Knightley’s dress as well. Natalie Portman had a pretty dress (vintage chanel!!) They were the few stnad outs. Yup Issac Mizarahi really irked me the wrong way. If said half of the things he did to me, I would’ve bitch slapped him so hard.

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