Love Stories With Nora Ephron

I love this article where Nora Ephron picks her favorite rom-coms.

Hit List: Nora Ephron’s Love Stories
By Lauren Mechling

Woody Allen “was a pioneer of a more Freudian obstacle to love, which was the totally self-absorbed leading man’s character,” Ms. Ephron says of the 1979 film about a wrtier who dates a teenager and falls for his friends mistress. “What is miraculous about this movie is, you still love Woody.

Pride and Prejudice
Ms. Ephron says she was in “complete bliss” when she say Joe Wright’s 2005 adaptation of the classic, starring OScar noinee Keira Knightley. “It portrayed Elizabeth Bennet as a tomboy and I’ve never seen that done before,” she says. She also enjoyed the 1995 BBC version (available on DVD) starring Colin Firth.

Groundhog Day
I remember when I saw the trailer, I thought ‘Oh, yeah right, how is this going to work?'” Ms. Ephron says of the 1993 Bill Murray comedy about a weatherman who falls in love while reliving the same day again and again. “And yet, it’s a miracle: Every time you see it, it moves one inch forward. You can’t believe it.”

The Lady Vanishes
Most people think of it as a thriller, but the truth is, it’s a very classic romantic comedy that happens to have a thriller plot,” Ms. Ephron says of Alfred Hitchcok’s 1938 film about a couple searching for a woman who’s disappeared on a train.

What are your favorite romantic comedies? My all-time favorite is Bringing Up Baby and Annie Hall but I have a soft spot for Dirty Dancing.

2 thoughts on “Love Stories With Nora Ephron”

  1. As I flip through my channels, I NEVER fail to stop on the one that is playing Groundhog Day to see what juncture of the film is playing. Groundhog Day is my alltime favorite comedy.

  2. Hmmm.I like As Good as it Gets,Pretty Woman,Dirty Dancing if it fits the category.Can’t think of anymore right now

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