Crash: The Little Engine That Could

Director Paul Haggis

Crash just won Best Picture. Finally, a surprise at the Oscars. My full recap will be posted tomorrow.

UPDATE: You can read my recap here. Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Crash: The Little Engine That Could”

  1. yes, even I noticed everyone looked suprised at that. You didn’t do too badly w/your predictions, either. It was very enlihgtning to read your post before & after the big night. Thanks!!
    Now to the go fugyouself girls for some gossip

  2. Hello cinefille, I wish I could come up w/a great line as I ride off into the sunset, but, I’ll just tip my hat & say “Chow”.

    Yes, the rumor is true, I’m quitting blogging & want to say good-by to all my blog buddies.

    I’ll be around for a couple of days so i can check out more of your oscar post. :)

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