Review: Tsotsi (2005)

Written and directed by Gavin Hood, Tsotsi, set in Johannesburg, South Africa, explores six days in the life of a young gangster. Presley Chweneyagae stars as Tsotsi, the ruthless leader of a township gang.

One evening, Tsotsi attacks a gang member who taunts him and suggests avoiding violence acts. To release his aggression, Tsotsi ventures into the suburbs and he attacks a woman entering her home. He steals her car, only to discover her infant sleeping in the back seat.

What results is a poignant tale of redemption. He takes responsibility for the baby with the help of a local widow (Terry Pheto). Through this child, Tsotsi’s soul is awakened as he confronts his past and sees a future he never thought existed. Tsotsi learns to value love and human life.

Tsotsi is a riveting and emotional experience, although sometimes difficult to watch. It offers an honest look at crime, revival, and hope for the future. Above all, it is a thrilling and touching journey into the soul of a lost individual.

Updated October 12, 2010


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