Review: Born Yesterday (1950)

Meet Billie Dawn. She’s the stunningly gorgeous yet unsophisticated girlfriend of a crooked and abusive business tycoon. Billie Dawn is also considered to be one of the greatest female characters in cinema history.

Judy Holliday expertly portrays Billie in this George Cukor directed picture, that co-stars Broderick Crawford and William Holden. As she should; Holliday starred in the Broadway production of Born Yesterday for four years.


Harry Brock (Broderick Crawford), is a loud mouth, cocky millionaire with bigger problems than his political crimes. Billie, his ex-chorus line girlfriend, is not exceptable for Capital Hill’s high society. Desperate he hires intelligent (and handsome) journalist, Paul Verrall (William Holden) to teach Billie proper etiquette.


Paul opens Billie’s eyes to a world outside of her million dollar perthouse and she discovers her full potential while realizing that Harry is nothing more than a corrupt crook.

Born Yesterday is a brilliant comedy with Judy Holliday delievering an incredible performance that won her an Oscar.

Updated October 12, 2010

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