No, No, NO!

If this rumor is true (and it could be), then it’s just is not right.

Hong Kong action star set to lead in Japanese Remake

Mon May 29, 5:40 AM ETHONG KONG (AFP) – Hong Kong action star Donnie Yen is set to lead in the Hollywood remake of Japanese classic The Seven Samurai, alongside George Clooney and Chinese starlet Zhang Ziyi, a film company said.

Yen met with Hollywood heavyweight Harvey Weinstein during Cannes film festival to discuss the remake of the 1954 action film directed by Japanese master Akira Kurosawa.

Weinstein has invited Yen to play one of the seven sword heroes in the film, according to Mandarin Films, which represents the actor.

Donnie has met Harvey Weinstein in Cannes to discuss the project,” a spokeswoman for Mandarin Films told AFP. “We don’t know more details as it is still at an early stage.”

She said Weinstein has also invited Clooney and Zhang to lead the film. It is not clear how much the project will cost.

Yen, 43-year-old actor, director and action choreographer, has starred in over 40 films, including Blade II, Seven Swords and Zhang Yimou’s Hero.

The Seven Samurai tells a story of seven Samurai heroes’ who battle with 40 bandits who try to control and constantly attack a small village.


This makes me cringe. Harvey Weinstein, I expect better choices from you.

Apparently, because the original The Seven Samurai is black and white AND has subtitles, it is worthy of some minor updating. AKA CGI-affects and a $100-million budget.

If you haven’t seen The Seven Samurai, it is Japanese filmmaking at it’s finest. I will admit that the picture moves VERY slow. But each shot is beautiful, with strong artistic merit and every character, no matter how small a role, is vital to films dramatic, action-packed conclusion. See it, please. TCM airs it regularly.

Fortunately, the world renowned Asian actor George Clooney would star in the remake as Kambei, the head Samurai, you know, to add to the film’s authenticity.

Yes. This will be a great success.

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