Airing Tonight: Sir Sean Connery Receives Lifetime Achievement Award

Airing tonight on the USA Network at 9pm est, Sir Sean Connery will be receiving the American Film Institutes Life Achievement Award.

Sir Sean Connery is an international film icon. Though best remembered for creating one of the great film heroes of all time, his talents transcend typecasting, and his body of work not only stands the test of time, but illuminates a career more extraordinary than James Bond himself. Sir Sean is an artist of the highest order, and AFI is honored to present him with its 34th Life Achievement Award.” – Sir Howard Stringer, chair, AFI Board of Trustees.

Check it out. It should be a good show.

2 thoughts on “Airing Tonight: Sir Sean Connery Receives Lifetime Achievement Award”

  1. I watched. It was good until Maria Menunos (whatever her name is) came out and ruined it all.

    I did love how touched and honored Sir Sean Connery was. His speech was the other high point for me.

    “Making movies is either utopia or shoveling shit uphill.” Priceless.

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