Dakota Fanning + Oscars?

Dakota Joins Oscars Panel

Little Dakota Fanning has become a major player in Hollywood after being named among the 120 new members of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences. The 12-year-old will join Joaquin Phoenix, Felicity Huffman, Jake Gyllenhaal and Crash star Terrence Howard among the non Academy Award winners who can now vote at the Oscars.


First of all, I have absolutely nothing against Dakota Fanning. I think she’s adorable and her acting ability has shined in okay movies. I do think she could be a little bit too precocious for her own good, but that could help her when she switches over to more adult roles. As long as she doesn’t end up on the typical child star path of self-destruction, she could have a long and successful.

But I think (and this goes for any actor, not just Dakota Fanning) she should have be nominated for an Academy Award before being allowed to vote for nominated films and performances.

Seriously, do you think Dakota Fanning would even have been allowed to see Brokeback Mountain?

4 thoughts on “Dakota Fanning + Oscars?”

  1. That’s crazy! But she is so adorable. Maybe she could bring a voice of moderation to the Academy. A child’s heart may be what the Academy needs.

  2. She’s from metro-Atlanta and we hear a lot about her. She’s very talented, but you raise excellent points.

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