It’s Here!!!

Finally, the trailer for “Rocky XI”, simply known as “Rocky Balboa”, has arrived. I can tell you’ve been dying to see it. I know I’ve been.

3 thoughts on “It’s Here!!!”

  1. You think I would joke about something like this, Austin? It releases Dec. 22, in case your wondering. A great way to end the year.

  2. Hey, I’ve seen all five. While I & II were the best, III really got away from the character. IV was a complete and utter joke while V was almost laughable. I thought the writing deteriated more than the acting, although Stallone made Rocky seem more like a cartoon the older the series got. But you can bet your bottom dollar that I will be there for this one. Just hearing the music gave me chills and I thought the dialogue seemed funny. I know it’s not Sophie’s Choice, but at 51, I’m allowed a guilty pleasure, a VERY guilty one.

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