Celebrity Look-a-Like

Hello everyone. This is going to be an quick post because this is costing me like $10. But I’m a little sick of debating the Hezbollah/Israel conflict and I NEED a break, no matter how expensive it is.

Anyway, I’m at this political conference with a bunch of international students my age. People from the UK, Egypt, Pakistan, India, Nigeria, Portugal, Kenya, Trinidad and Tobago, Brazil, South Korea etc.

There’s this girl from China who has given me to amazing compliments.

First, she told me I look like a celebrity (this is the first time that has ever happened to me). And you know who she said, Ingrid Bergman. That made me v. happy.

Then last night she told me that if I dyed my hair platnium blonde, I’d look exactly like Marilyn Monroe. She is by far my favorite person right now.

That’s all for now. I’ll see if I can post more when I’m NYC and the internet is free.

One thought on “Celebrity Look-a-Like”

  1. I could see the Ingrid in you. Maybe a bit like Katharine Hepburn, especially in some of my NYLC pictures. Sounds like an interesting conference.

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