Opening This Weekend: Snakes on a Pane

Woohoo! Snakes on a Plane is finally here! Get this: it’s supposed to be good with 78% fresh reviews on (there’s only 18 reviews because most critics weren’t allowed to preview the film). Hopefully, the cult film status of Snakes on a Plane will amount to good box-0ffice results (for the sake of the studios and critics alike).

So if you’re in the mood for a highly entertaining, action-packed movie starring Samuel L. Jackson, this is your best bet.

And for more info on why studios continually refuse to screen movies for the critics, read this.

2 thoughts on “Opening This Weekend: Snakes on a Pane”

  1. That’s exactly why. It really doesn’t help any movies cause to ignore the critics, no matter how snobbish they are.

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