Oh, Tom Cruise

While I was dodging a bear in the woods all week, Tom Cruise became the center of the media…. again.

First, he was axed by Paramount Studios, stating his recent behavior as the primary reason for his dismisal.

Tom Cruise and his producing partner have hit back at the studio’s claims. I mean, how dare they attack the man earned Paramount Studios nearly $1 billion last year!

Steven Spielberg (who is clearly under Tom Cruise’s scientology spell) is “stunned” by the news.

Paramount might want nothing to do with Tom anymore, but Australia still loves him! After all, he was just awarded the prestigous honor of being Hollywood’s most sexist celebrity.

And my favorite Tom Cruise news of the week…

He “deeply regrets” his verbal attack on Brooke Shields.

Hmmmm. Who’s trying to save his billions? I think Tom Cruise is.


This is complete deja vu but I am totally cheering “Serves the bastard right!” on the top of my lungs right now.

If only the entertainment news was this exciting more often.

One thought on “Oh, Tom Cruise”

  1. I totally agree. Tom Cruise is one crazy bastard. When I was in NYC, I passed the Church of Scientology and was really tempted to go in there and talk to them about Xenu and body thetans! It’s ironic that it is right in the heart of the theater district. I took a picture of it, too. Couldn’t resist that one.

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