Quote of the Day

This is by far the biggest shock to ever occur during my lifetime.

Really, I am completely stunned.

From New York Post’s Page Six

“IT looks like Paris Hilton’s work ethic is a lot like Lindsay Lohan’s. Hilton’s Bottoms Up co-star, Simona Fusco, told Chaunce Hayden, “I don’t think there’s any talent there. My biggest problem with Paris was that she was always late on the set . . . It became very annoying . . . Everyone gets tired. By the time Paris finally showed up, she was usually coming from a party . . . She never memorized her lines. So now, not only does she show up late, but on top of it she didn’t have her lines ready to go. It was a very long day working with Paris.”


But to quote the gossip blog where I found this excerpt.

Seriously people, you get what you pay for.

One thought on “Quote of the Day”

  1. Paris Hilton is a pretty girl and a rich one, but that’s about it.

    She can find someone to get her into films and recordings and she can participate in both. But does that mean that she has talent? Not really.

    She is good at being social and making the papers. She’s fortunate to have been born with a silver spoon, because that’s about all she’s got.

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