Katie Holmes To Play Posh Spice?

I know, I know. Many of you have been dying to know if Katie Holmes would go back to making movies after she became Tom Cruise’s whatever. Well lucky for you, she is. But only because Tom Cruise says she can.

Holmes to Play Victoria Beckham
By WENN Thursday, September 21, 2006 [SOURCE]

HOLLYWOOD – Katie Holmes is tipped to play celebrity pal Victoria Beckham in a new biopic of soccer superstar David Beckham.

Holmes and her fiancé Tom Cruise are close friends with the British pair, but while movie bosses were keen to cast the Batman Begins star, Cruise will not be playing Beckham because of their “marked physical differences.”

An insider says, “Tom has a brilliant grasp of what the public want to see and thought David’s story was wonderful.”

A football star emerges from humble origins, there’s drama within the matches and romance in his love affair with Victoria at the height of her pop-star fame. “

At the time Tom was seeing quite a lot of David and Victoria. The quartet are very close friends and the Beckhams would only be happy about their story being used if Tom and Katie were involved.”

I find this whole story comical but this has to be the funniest quote I have ever read:

“Cruise will not be playing Beckham because of their “marked physical differences.”

Whew! What a relief. I was actually worried about that while I was reading this. I kept thinking to myself, “If there is a God, Tom Cruise will realize his inability to play a footballer.” So instead, Katie is starring in a role she’s probably not meant for. But who am I to judge? This movie probably won’t even come out.

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