Oh Netflix, How I Missed You

An Ode To My Netflix Queue

Our affair began in December.

My siblings bought me the subscription.

6 months

Two-at-a-time unlimited.

Then, all summer long, my life revolved around you.

Three-at-a-time unlimited, 9 movies a week.

I even managed to get my queue under 200.

And then my mother became a parent.

She realized that Netflix was not good for me.

She prevented me from bringing my Netflix to college.

Well, at least until the end of September.

You have no idea…

How rough these past four weeks have been on me.

I had to socialize.

I had to study.


But I survived…

And tomorrow ….

The day I’ve been waiting for….

My first Netflix arrives.

One-at-a-time unlimited (boo!)

And my queue?

It’s currently at 222.


Here are the pictures from this momentous occasion. All day I waited for this.

What could it be?

8 thoughts on “Oh Netflix, How I Missed You”

  1. Very funny stuff, Cinefille … I’m not sure I could go a month without Netflix, so I’m glad to see you emerged unscathed!

  2. I LOVE your pictures. They’re so you :) Miss you even more now. Nice to see you so well!

  3. Glad you enjoyed it…

    There’s one picture I left out. It’s of me skipping up a hill with my netflix. It was a brilliant picture.

  4. I love Netflix! I don’t know how I lived before it came along. It’s such a wonderful thing. It truly is the one thing that keeps me going through the school week. I would really be a less happy person without it. I also love the pictures!!

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