What’s Going to Happen to Me?

This notice has appeared on my SA’s door.

It’s has something to do with a school tradition that I know absolutely nothing about.

Personally, I believe Paris Hilton is coming to campus and that just wouldn’t fly at a feminist, liberal arts women’s college.

4 thoughts on “What’s Going to Happen to Me?”

  1. Well, first, after I finished jumping up and down with glee, I would shake her hand and thank her for all the fabulous work she has done spreading the image of the ideal American woman across the globe. And then I would probably contract some STD that only Paris Hilton would have (paris-hiltonia?). After the health center treats my illness, I will most likely be asked to leave MHC, for making contact with and celebrating the life work of Paris Hilton.

    btw… my roommate and I got a fish… we named it Paris Hilton and it is the ugliest fish we could find :)

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