A Wedding Present for TomKat

May the rest of your “children” be happy little Scientologists.

Also, the 15th century Italian castle where TomKat wed is cursed. Go figure.


2 thoughts on “A Wedding Present for TomKat”

  1. It is very troubling how much news coverage their wedding got. But, nevertheless, I does not shock me. It’s really kind of sad how much people care about celebrities and their lives. I don’t(At least not Tom Cruise’s life)

  2. Heya.

    This is Emma here from the site that used to be mysticdollarredemption.blogspot.com. As you may have realised from trying to access it in the last 14 hours, the URL no longer takes you to my blog, but to some other new link, adore kim, whatever the Hell that is, and I promise you, I have nothing to do with that.

    I have no idea how this happened. I went hope last night, tried to access my blog, and realised that someone had changed the URL. So I went into my blogger account (surprisingly, the person who changed my account did not change any other settings apart from deleting my entire profile), and the URL had been changed to onomatopoeiaoyster.blogspot.com. So all my blog entries have moved to this new addy.
    I’m very surprised that whoever did this merely changed my URL and didn’t do more. Quite nice for a hacker, some might say. Uh. Not me. Anyway, I’m now extremely tired, furious and annoyed, and have changed it to the simplest URL that I can: zummer.blogspot.com. I would be very grateful if you’d update all your links from your blog and favourites with this new URL, because it’s mine.

    As I said, I’m extremely irritated and I would deeply appreciate your co-operation. Also delete this mysticdollarredemption link now because I have nothing to do with the contents with that blog. I’m like, really pissed off.

    Thanks, Emma.

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