“Say Crack Again.” “Crack.”

My friend Austin and I establish our plan for world domination:

Joanna: Whatever I am sure I will see you eventually when we are both taking over the world

Austin: That’s true.

Austin: You’ll be the next Paris Hilton and I’ll be the president.

Joanna: hahahahaha

Joanna: YES!

Austin: You can be the Secretary of the Interior…design

Joanna: wheee!

Joanna: i can run the projector in the white house for movie screenings

Austin: That sounds great.

Austin: Katharine Hepburn all the time.

Austin: Plus Altman and Hitchcock, but not much else.

Joanna: As long as we throw in a little Lohan

Joanna: Some Mean Girls

Austin: it’s covered with Praire Home

Joanna: fine, no LaLohan

Austin: definitely Mean Girls

Joanna: woohoo!

Austin: “say crack again”

Joanna: crack

We are so the future of America.


5 thoughts on ““Say Crack Again.” “Crack.””

  1. Neither. But she is the next Goodwill ambassador for the UN. Move over Angelina.

    I really need to stop with the Paris Hilton jokes. It’s turning into something of an addiction.

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