Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner

Sometimes I wish my life could be as cool as an Al Hirschfeld drawing.

5 thoughts on “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner”

  1. I love Hirschfeld! I love the “Rhapsody in Blue” animation that he did for Fantasia 2000. His Geogre Gershwin caricatures are great (You may notice that I have a Hirschfeld Gershwin drawing as my profile image).

  2. Yeah, I love his drawings too. The inspiration for that scene in Fantasia 2000 was inspired by Hirchfeld’s caricatures but he didn’t actually draw the animation.

  3. I think Spence died before the film was even released.

    Which sucks as he’s tops on my list of dead celebrities I would have loved to have met.

    Tonight I’ll be curling up with The Big Sleep.

  4. He died 17 days after filming was completed (in Katharine Hepburn’s arms or so the story goes). That makes his speech about love, towards the end of the film, all the more powerful.

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