My 2007 Golden Globes Recap

The 2007 Golden Globe Awards has come and gone. And there is so much so talk about. I will now take you through some of my observance as I watched this year’s ceremony.


6:00 PM – It’s Red Carpet time. I’m currently flipping between the obnoxious Ryan Seacrest and the equally irritating Joan and Melissa. I congratulate you Seacrest; this is journalism at it’s finest. I really needed to know if Penelope Cruz and Orlando Bloom are dating. Sometimes, I really the days of Star Jones and Kathy Griffin almost coming to blows on the E! Red Carpet special.

Approixmently 7:45 PM – Actually I have no clue what time it is, nor do I care. Brangelina have arrived!!!

And they gave the most BORING interview ever. At least Angelina could have said what type of cereal she feeds her kids in the morning. You could indulge me a little bit Brangelina because I thrive on every detail of your personal lives!

8:00 – Okay, time for the Globes to begin. FINALLY, the intro (the bit with the celebs entering the Hilton) is paired with a good song (“One Night Only” from Dreamgirls), not some corny parody of a Fergie song.

8:05 – Jennifer Hudson just won! She’s great but her speech is incredibly disappointing. I guess I was really hoping that she would diss American Idol.

8:07 – The Best Song award. Prince wins for “Song of the Heart” from Happy Feet and Beyonce looks PISSED! Wait until she loses to Meryl Streep in the Best Actress category. It’s gonna be awesome!

8:21 – TV Awards = blah.

8:33 – But I LOVE Hugh Laurie. By the way, isn’t he Sir Hugh Laurie now or is that not official yet?

8:41 – Charlie Sheen introduces the clip for Bobby.

Dear Charlie Sheen,

You are clearly nuts. You just embarassed Emilio Estevez (that more embarassed than he will be at about 11 PM when he loses.)

Love, Cinefille

8:43Cars won for Best Animated Feature. Good for you because now you don’t need to read the Happy Feet rant I had planned.

8:46 – Meryl Streep is fabulous. After pulling out her speech, “Oh shut up, it’s not that long,” to some random grunter in the audience. And then she thanks Rupert Murdoch. Hollywood is a strange place. Someone should inform Beyonce that her face could freeze like that.

9:01 – Eddie Murphy wins for Dreamgirls. His speech is short and simple. I like it when actors surprise you like.

9:13 – Helen Mirren is also fabulous. She wins for her performance as Elizabeth I in Elizabeth I.

9:34Ugly Betty wins! See, I do watch TV.

9:37 – And the Best Foreign Language Film goes to… Clint Eastwood? Well, it could have awarded to Mel Gibson. And does it matter? Clint is a God.

9:51 – America Ferrara seriously made me cry. I love her on Ugly Betty. If you want to see her in something else, rent Real Women Have Curves.

10:08 – Cecil B. Award time. And there is clearly a woman passed out behind Warren Beatty’s head. Warren Beatty is also a God. Tom Hanks is just annoying.

10: 23 – Martin Scorcese receives Best Director for The Departed. Is the Oscar next? I have this awful feeling that it’s not gonna happen this year.

10:31 – When Tom Hanks delivers a speech about balls, it’s really disgusting and very trite. When Sacha Baron Cohen delivers a speech about balls, it’s excellent comedy.

10:38Dreamgirls beats out Little Miss Sunshine. Oh good, Beyonce is smiling now.

10:45 – And Best Actress- Drama goes to Helen Mirren. Two Golden Globes for her. Congratulations!

10:54 – Best Actor – Drama goes to Forest Whitaker. (Yes, I got lazy right about now.)

10:58 – Arnold Schwarzenegger has arrived at the Globes to present the final award; Best Motion Picture – Drama. This is why I think Scorcese isn’t going to win the Academy Award this year. Because Babel just won.


All in all, it was a good award show. No major surprises but plenty of humorous and memorable moments.

So until we meet again at the next award show. And that would be the 2007 SAG Awards on Jan. 28.

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2 thoughts on “My 2007 Golden Globes Recap”

  1. Meryl is so amazing! I loved her speech, especially when she ended it with “That’s all.” I was so happy for Helen Mirren because I love her. There is a great interview with Helen Mirren, Judi Dench, and Meryl Streep in Entertainment Weekly that you should definitely read!

  2. Meryl’s speech was also great because what she said about getting indie films on more screens. “You should go to your local theater owner and demand that they put more movies on screenn” (It was something like that).

    Her saying “that’s all” was a great reference to Miranda Priestly

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