What They’re Saying

The Oscar nominations are out. Here’s a round up of some of the more interesting articles I found about the 2007 Academy Awards

An Oscar Season in Hell — by Mark Harris, Entertainment Weekly
When will the Academy admit that its decision since 2004 to give voters less time to consider worthy films and performances is a disaster?

Reading the Tea Leaves — by Dave Karger, Entertainment Weekly
The Academy shows ”Borat” and ”Labyrinth” some love, but tells ”Dreamgirls” it’s not going…to be Best Picture. Here are five big surprises and five points we’ll be talking about until Oscar night

Awards Cheat Sheet — Entertainment Weekly
Before you enter your office pool, check our grid to see who’s racking up prizes so far

Snubbed… but Still Loved! — Entertainment Weekly
They’re not nominated for Oscars this year — but here’s why ”Children of Men,” Brad Pitt, Emily Blunt, and others deserved to be.

Dream machine stalls — LA Times
“Dreamgirls” was a sure thing for the best picture category. What went wrong?

Dreamgirls’ Leads in Oscar Nominations but Is Snubbed for Best Picture — by David Carr, NY Times

Ebert’s take on the Oscar picks — by Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun Times

Roeper at Sundance: Oscar’s big surprises — by Richard Roeper, Chicago Sun Times

That’s the most I could find at the moment. But plenty more articles are going to pop up in the coming weeks. (p.s. I really reccomend reading the first column, “An Oscar Season in Hell”)

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