SAG Awards Recap

Sorry for the late post. Today was the first day of second semester and I’ve been kind of preoccupied with multiple schedule kinks to work out.

But now, let’s recap last night’s SAG Awards!

Armed with a box of cheerios, I, Cinefille, sat down to watch the SAG Awards. Although it is easily one of the least important award shows of the season, the SAGs is still fun to watch with a few friends.

Just a warning. You are about to see exactly what I was thinking last night, beginning at 6:30 PM. Some things I will regret sharing once this has been posted and read by other.


6:30 PM – Red Carpet. This has taken me about two years to realize. Deciding whether to watch Ryan Seacreast and his irritating sidekick Guilana DePandi on E! or Joan Rivers and her irritating daughter, Melissa on TV Guide, is like deciding how you are going to commit suicide.

6:31 – Well, I’m already on E! and TBS is one channel below, so E! it is.

6:49 – Seacrest to Patricia Arquette: “Do you believe in ghosts?”. Thank you Seacrest for, once again, asking the questions we are all dying to know the answers to.

6:55 – Le sigh. If only Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillipe were still married. Nevermind! She looks gorgeous! [picture source]

7:05 – Props to Heather Graham for promoting strippers.

7:06 – “Wow… Felicity Huffman looks… Amish.” – said by Ruth

7:29 – You have to wonder. Did Eddie Murphy know he would be nominated for an Oscar when he signed on to do Norbit?

7:37 – “You can get goofy at the SAG Awards!” – Guiliana DePandi. Only 23 minutes until this torture is over.

7:53 – OKAY! This Red Carpet crap is really boring! Can you just start the show already?

7:57 – Why did I have so much dairy for dinner?

8:00 – THE SHOW BEGINS! “I’m blah, blah, blah, and I’m an actor.” Too bad I’ve only heard of William Shatner.

8:05 – Ashton Kutcher’s attempt at being serious. Why is he here?

Oh right. [source]

8:12 – Was I the only person very uncomfortable as Forest Whitaker and America Ferrera presented an award?

8:21 – TV… TV… more TV… Cinefille is BORED.

8:27MARY TYLER MOORE SHOW REUNION! That has made my day! Oh, and The Office wins Best Ensemble comedy. Yeah, I don’t watch that much T.V.

8:43 – A montage of the random actors that no one really cares about. Hey! It’s the movie trailer voice dude!

8:44 – Best Supporting Actor – Eddie Murphy. In a fake British accent: “I’ve been acting for some 25 years now and this is a tremendous honor to me. No, I’m sorry. It’s just when the British people come up and get the awards, it’s so smooth with their stuff. And I feel goofy up here ’cause I don’t be winning stuff.” [picture source]

8:58 – Tribute to Julie Andrews. I know this is probably inappropriate. But Dick Van Dyke is a hot 81-year old. [picture source]

9:17 – Chandra Wilson from Grey’s Anatomy wins!

“It’s about those 10 cast members sitting over there, and the other one in rehab.”

9:21 – Hugh Laurie wins! “He is so attractive.” – Amanda, followed by a conversation about why all men named Hugh are attractive.

9:36Grey’s Anatomy wins!! Ellen Pompeo should know her fellow cast mate’s names. Speaking of Grey’s. Did you see last week’s episode? OMG!

9:42 – Jennifer Hudson wins for Dreamgirls. “I just want to thank you for noticing little ol’ me, and for accepting me.” Abigail Breslin looks so sad. Thank God all child stars can’t be as precocious as Dakota Fanning. [picture source]

9:49 – Dear Forest Whitaker,

By this point you should realize that you are going to win an Academy Award. PLEASE START PREPARING ACCEPTANCE SPEECHES!

Love, Cinefille

9:53 – Helen Mirren wins. “When I did my costume fitting for The Queen, I walked in and saw all those sensible shoes and those tweed skirts, laid out in a row, and I cried. I thought, `I can’t play anyone who chooses to wear those clothes, I just can’t do it.’ I learned to love the person who chooses to wear those clothes.” [picture source]

9:56Little Miss Sunshine wins! Is it the Oscar favorite for Best Picture? Who knows? I certainly do not. [picture source]


Another award show! Another fun night!

The next big award shows are The Independent Film Spirit Awards and The Academy Awards. There may be more, but those are the only two I can think of being broadcast on TV.

After last night, the performance Oscar’s are basically settled. The only puzzle that remains unsolved is “What movie will win Best Picture?” And you know what? I really like the mystery.

See you at the Academy Awards.

Cinefille out.

(Oh crap. I really have been watching too much Ryan Seacrest.)

One thought on “SAG Awards Recap”

  1. I love Helen Mirren! I finally saw the HBO “Elizabeth I” and it is amazing. She gives an incredible performance. I really want Abigail Breslin to win the Oscar now just so she can say “In your face Dakota Fanning!” Also the Forest Whittaker thing is really annoying me now; he needs to get it together.

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