100 Years … 100 Movies… 10th Anniversary

The American Film Institute is updating the 100 Greatest Films list with 10 years of films to add into the running.

The Lord of The Rings, Titanic, Brokeback Mountain are all possiblities to be included on the updated list.

Of course, the AFI is being annoying by making you register to see who is even on the ballot and then not letting you see the ballot. (Personally, I want to see which movies were removed from the ballot.)

I’m just glad I finished the first AFI list in time to begin a new one.

All the information you need to access the ballot is here. Good luck.

UPDATE: I have accessed the ballot! You can view it here. Hopefully it works for you, if not, follow the first the link and you should access everything you need to see the list.

2 thoughts on “100 Years … 100 Movies… 10th Anniversary”

  1. I think that picking 100 films as the best is much too difficult to do because in just my lifetime I have seen too many films to choose just 100. And I’m sure many of these selections are films that are good, but that I don’t necessarily think deserving of the list. That’s what’s so fascinating, to see other opinions of what is good and why. In other words, EVERYONE is a critic!

  2. Yes! I completely agree with you.

    What I am most interested in seeing is which older movies are replaced by the newer releases. Also, if any older movies make it onto the list that didn’t 10 years ago.

    For instance “Crash” is on the ballot and that movie in no way compares to the classics. When I get time, I’m going to inspect the new ballot and compare it to the old one. Oh, how exciting my life is.

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