2007 BAFTA Awards

The 2007 BAFTA Awards were held in London tonight.

The Queen won Best Picture as did its star, Helen Mirren, making pretty clear that she will win the Academy Award in two weeks.

Forest Whitaker was named Best Actor, beating out Daniel Craig (Casino Royale), Leonardo DiCaprio (The Departed), Peter O’Toole (Venus), and Richard Griffiths (The History Boys).

The Last King of Scotland also received Outstanding British Film of the Year and Best Adapted Screenplay.

Paul Greengrass received Best Director for United 93.

He said that cinema must “deal with the way the world is and the dangers there are. We need it very much now.”

Casino Royale was awarded for Best Sound, while Eva Green, who plays Bond’s love interest was received the Orange Rising Star Award.

Pan’s Labyrinth received three BAFTA awards — Best Film not in the English Language, Best Costume Design, and Best Make-up and Hair. Pan’s Labyrinth is going to be the big winner at the upcoming Oscars; I’d put money on it.

Jennifer Hudson was named Best Supporting Actress, but Alan Arkin won Best Supporting Actor for his work in Little Miss Sunshine.

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2 thoughts on “2007 BAFTA Awards”

  1. I saw Pan’s Labyrinth on Friday. I loved it! I hope it fares well at the Oscars. I was pretty happy with the BAFTA’s this year. I do think they overlooked Michael Sheen in “The Queen”. Definitely in the Academy not even giving him a nomination.

  2. I think Pan’s Labyrinth could be the biggest winner at the Academy Awards.

    Michael Sheen was overlooked, but what can you do.

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