Best Director Nominees

Clint Eastwood for Letters From Iwo Jima

This is Eastwoods fourth directing nomination; he has ten in total; he previously won for directing Million Dollar Baby and Unforgiven.

Clint Eastwood [imdb] Letters from Iwo Jima [imdb]

Stephen Frears for The Queen

This is Frears second Oscar nomination; he has never won.

Stephen Frears [imdb] The Queen [imdb]

Alejandro Gonzalez Iñárritu for Babel

This is Inarritu’s first directing nomination; he is also nominated for producing Babel

Alejandro Gonzalez Iñárritu [imdb] Babel [imdb]

Paul Greengrass for United 93

This is Greengrass’ first Oscar nomination.

Paul Greengrass [imdb] United 93 [imdb]

Martin Scorsese for The Departed

This is Scorsese’s sixth Oscar nomination for directing; he is the favorite to win.

And if he doesn’t, most likely a mob of angry people a la Frankenstein will swarm the Shrine Auditorium and attack Academy voters.

Martin Scorsese [imdb] The Departed [imdb]

2 thoughts on “Best Director Nominees”

  1. I know Scorsese will win, but I really like Stephen Frears. As far as the others, Innaritu seems like too much of a novice, Eastwood has enough already, and Greengrass is just a bit weird for my taste. I wasn’t very impressed with “United 93”.

  2. Innaritu isn’t a novice at all. His earlier movies are just better than “Babel”.

    Greengrass is nominated because “United 93” shows the chaos and heroism of 9/11 without the overblown dramatics. It is really a great movie.

    I like Stephen Frears as well, but the Oscar pretty much has Scorsese’s name written on it.

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