Will It Finally Be Scorsese’s Year?

With the Oscar’s on Sunday, the one thought on every person’s mind is: will Martin Scorsese finally win an Academy Award?

He’s considered to be the greatest living American director and he’s been nominated five times previously. Every thing indicates that he will finally receive that allusive Oscar statuette.

Then why am I not that convinced?

I mean, if any 2007 nominee deserves an Academy Award, it’s definitely Scorsese (followed by Peter O’Toole and Kate Winslet). I can’t explain why he won’t win. So maybe I’m just being overly pessimistic, but I have this odd feeling that award ceremony is not going to play out the way every one thinks it is.

Am I being crazy? Probably. Hopefully.


Is Scorsese’s Oscar Finally at Hand — Associated Press

One thought on “Will It Finally Be Scorsese’s Year?”

  1. My husband says that whoever wins the Directors Guild Award usually wins the Ocar. Scorsese won this year. So maybe this is his year.

    Then again, Hitchcock never won a competitive Oscar. He did receive an honorary one.

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