aka the Green Oscars! (Al Gore, you are amazing!)

Tonight was the best Academy Awards ceremony in quite a while. It had fabulous moments, a ton of laughs, and then me making a girl cry for not liking Marie Antoinette and almost beating the crap out of some girls who were talking too loud for my liking.

Ellen DeGeneres was a fantastic host and she should be brought back next year.

Martin Scorsese finally won! There was a huge cheer in the room I was in when he did. It was magnificent.

The Departed won Best Picture and Dreamgirls was almost entirely snubbed.

It was a GREAT night. I’m going to bed and I have a paper to finish. I will post my recap sometime tomorrow but probably not until late-night!

Hope you enjoyed the show. I know I did.

One thought on “THE 2007 OSCARS!”

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed the show with the exception of the length (always leave them wanting more).

    I liked the fact that they took risks (the gospel choir running down the aisle) even if some of the risks did not exactly pull it off (the sound affects choir).

    I found the opening montage rather tame as well as Ellen’s monologue, but she was a gracious hostess who made the show hers.

    I, too, was happy for Martin and The Departed, though I confess to missing the days when Bob Hope and Johnny Carson hosted the show (WAY before your time, my dear…)

    I can’t wait to read your in-depth recap, the blog highlight of the day.


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