Review: Music and Lyrics (2007)

Drew Barrymore and Hugh Grant in Music and Lyrics

The first months of the year are never known for delivering quality movies. Usually this isn’t noticeable because the award season has every one’s attention. Yet once the Oscars telecast ends, the lack of any decent movies becomes increasingly apparent. Music and Lyrics is one of the rare movies released during the January freeze that isn’t complete crap.

Music and Lyrics, released on Valentine’s Day, pairs up Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore, two of the best romantic-comedy actors of the past 10 years.

Grant plays Alex Fletcher, a member of the former 80s pop band, POP!, who is receiving endless offers to appear on VH1 type shows (Battle of the Former 80s Stars, anyone?). He is then given an opportunity to write a song for the over-sexed newest pop sensation Cora Corman (Haley Bennett). The problem is, he’s not that good at writing songs.

Enter Barrymore’s character, Sophie Fisher, the woman hired to water his plants. She has a certain gift for writing catchy lyrics and soon a songwriting partnership is born. Of course, their budding romance will face pretty obvious challenges, but all in all, this is a cute and funny movie. Brad Garrett and Kristen Johnston provide extra laughs in their supporting roles as Alex’s manager and Sophie’s sister respectively.

If you need to relax for a while, go see Music and Lyrics. It may not be the greatest romantic comedy ever made, but it is certainly not a movie you would consider a waste of money and time if you did venture out to see it.

Updated Octoebr 15, 2010

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