The 15 Most Anticipated Summer Movies

Today Hollyweird is buzzing with all sort of news. Rosie O’Donnell is leaving The View (which unfortunately is the only reason I watch that show), Jonathan Rhys Meyers (aka the reason I watch The Tudors) is headed to rehab, Heather Mills is no longer dancing (not that that’s really a bad thing), and Jack Valenti is still alive.

Life is quite exciting at the moment, except my finals start in about two weeks. But the fact that the summer movie season is right around the corner, makes all this stress worth it. (Maybe.)

That being said, what are the 15 most anticipated movies of the summer?

From Entertainment Weekly

15 Summer Movies We Can’t Wait To See
From blockbuster sequels (‘Ocean’s Thirteen, Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End) to quirky comedies (Knocked Up) and indies (Waitress), here are the movies that have us most excited about the season. — By Joshua Rich
15. Ocean’s Thirteen (June 8)
14. Live Free or Die Hard (June 27)
13. Evan Almighty (June 22)

12. Pirates of the Caribbean: At End’s World (May 25)

11. I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry (July 20)

10. Rescue Dawn (July 4)

9. Sicko (June)

8. Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix (July 13)

7. Waitress (May 2)

6. 28 Weeks Later (May 11)

5. Knocked Up (June 1)

4. The Bourne Ultimatum (August 3)

3) Transformers (July 4)

2. The Simpsons Movie (July 27)

1. Spider-Man 3 (May 4)

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