I Should Be Studying…

But I’m kind of burned out after taking a final.

Here’s an article I thought was interesting.

What are the Top 10 most watched movies by men and women?

Top 10 Most Watched Films By Women
1 Dirty Dancing
2 Star Wars trilogy
3 Grease
4 The Sound of Music
5 Pretty Woman
6 The Lord of the Rings trilogy
7 It’s A Wonderful Life
8 The Terminator
9 The Matrix
10 Jaws

Top 10 Most Watched Films By Men
1 Star Wars trilogy
2 Aliens
3 The Terminator
4 Bladerunner
5 The Godfather
6 Alien
7 Jaws
8 Die Hard
9 Terminator 2: Judgment Day
10 The Lord of the Rings trilogy

I’m not surprised that Dirty Dancing tops the female list, considering these stats about my college (remember I go to a women’s college).

Top 10 Movies at Mount Holyoke: (according to Facebook)
1 Love Actually
2 Garden State
3 Amelie
4 Finding Nemo
5 Little Miss Sunshine
6 Crash
7 Fight Club
8 The Notebook
9 Mean Girls
10 Dirty Dancing

Let’s just say this: MoHo’s love Dirty Dancing.

Baby is, after all, one of Mount Holyoke’s most famous students.

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