On Katharine Hepburn’s 100th Birthday

Anyone who has been reading this blog during the almost two years that I’ve been writing it, knows one thing about me. I LOVEKatharine Hepburn.

There’s this running joke in my family that if I focused as much attention on my schoolwork as I did on Katharine Hepburn and movies then I’d be on the Dean’s list every semester.

It’s probably true because I have to study for a final tomorrow. (I’m clearly not.) But honestly, the grade I get on my World Politics exam matters less to me than Katharine Hepburn ever will.

After all the movies that started my love of the cinema were Bringing Up Baby and The African Queen. I watched them back-to-back one night when I had nothing better to do and my life has never been the same.

Movies for me have always been this escape from everything going wrong in my life, whether it was school, friends, family problems… the list goes on.

And for what the average movie helped me through, Katharine Hepburn movies did twice as much.

You know that scene in The African Queen, where Katharine Hepburn’s character delivers this great moment where Rose Sayer finally realizes how amazing life can be? That’s how I feel every time I watch a Katharine Hepburn movie.

Maybe it’s pathetic and maybe I should hoping my life were a movie.

But Katharine Hepburn movies have given me something no other movie has given me.And that is the feeling that maybe, after everything I’ve ever been through that life is something worth living.

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