The Return of the Cinefille

::cue some awesome score composed by John Williams::

Okay so this isn’t that landmark of a moment, but a girl can dream… right?

After my month long seclusion (finally something I can share with my Paris!), from all things pertaining to this blog, I’ve decided to return to the blogging world.

It turns out that all I needed was about a month off and now I’m more ready than ever to get back into the swing of things.

I’ll share a bit more tomorrow about how I got my groove back (there are some funny stories involved).

And then this cinephile is going to be the cinephile she once was.

Okay, I better stop before I enter into some bg emotional speech with an imaginary symphonic orchestra accompying my every thought. It is 4:00 AM and I’m likely to start saying things like how monarails are alive (don’t ask… I did say this about an hour ago).

Have a lovely sleep wherever you are and you’ll definitely hear more from me sometime tomorrow.

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