Happy Birthday America!

Watch some fireworks. Eat some barbacue.

And most importantly, enjoy some James Cagney!

Happy July 4th!

4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday America!”

  1. Heya!

    Thanks for signing up to my “Performance that Changed Your Life” blogathon. Time has flown, and it is this Saturday! So this is just a poke from me to remind you.

    Looking forward to reading your entry,

  2. Thanks for the reminder! It’s a good thing you did to otherwise I would have completely forgotten about it.

  3. Hello, I´m very glad to visit your blog, I do love classic movies too.
    And I also put a post greeting Olvia De Havilland in her bithday, my favorite film from this actress is Snake Pit and Dark Mirror and all those with Errol Flynn, I love that pair!

  4. “The love impulse frequently reveals itself in terms of conflict.”

    that’s my quote of the day for you, and I love your nifty blog!

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