The 59th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards

11:12 pm: All in all, it was good night. Ryan Seacrest will not be suffocated with a plastic bag, he did not irk me nearly as much as he normally does. And I should finish my Italian homework. I’m suddenly very in the mood to scrivo italiano ;)

11:09 pm: The Sopranos wins and rightfully so. Plus, all my relatives can go to bed happy.

11:04 pm: You know, I can probably count how many of these tv shows I actually watch on one hand. Depressing isn’t it?

11:03 pm: 30 Rock wins! Yet another show I do not watch. Sorry Tina Fey.

1o:57 pm: This is what it comes down to: the acting competition was so phenomenal this year that the ballots were split, meaning Katherine Heigl or James Spader could pull out a surprise victory.

10:55 pm: Okay, Hugh Laurie or James Gandolfini: And drum roll please: WHY DOES JAMES SPADER KEEP WINNING EMMYS!” Eh at least he’s funny. What

10:54 pm: This is messing with my ocd: WHY IS EVERYONE WEARING RED!”

10:53 pm: I also heart America Ferrera and Ugly Betty. I really wish I could be Betty Suarez.

10:41 pm: Sally Field, you are amazing.

10:39 pm: “Ricky Gervais is not here, to we would like to give this award to our friend Steve Carell”. All I have to say to that is Stewart Colbert ’08.

10:29 pm: Rainn Wilson and Kanye West battle. AMAZING! Speaking of amazing, The Amazing Race just won. Don’t they win like every year?

10:24 pm: Just between you and me, Ryan Seacrest is starting to grow on me.

10:14 pm: I hope that when I’m old, I can be exactly like Elaine Stritch,

10:10 pm: My roommate got so mad that Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart didn’t win and Tony Bennett did, that she gave herself a paper cut. That’s what you get for hating Tony Bennett, it always comes back to bite you in the ass.

10: 07 pm: He is totally running for President.

10: 05 pm: Al Gore is getting an Emmy! WHAT!! Al Gore gets an Oscar, Al Gore gets an Emmy, and Al Gore gets a standing ovation. Is there anything this man can’t do?

9: 59 pm: I still can’t believe Katherine Heigl won.

9: 55 pm: Oh Lewis Black. The Emmys on FOX are fun.

9:50 pm: Love Helen Mirren! Her dress, not so much. But who cares, Helen Mirren rocks.

9: 49 pm: My roommate and I just had a joint sigh. She sighed for Patrick Dempsey, I sighed for Sally Field. You can tell where our priorities lie.

9: 39 pm: JERSEY BOYS! I heart my New Jersey :) But really, that was unnecessary. Any Sopranos tribute is probably without a musical interlude. Also, were they lip-syncing or was I just imagining that?

9: 36 pm: Nice feminism plug, Glenn Close, I approve.

9:27 pm: You know, I think I would marry Tony Bennett if the opportunity ever presented itself.

9:23 pm: Yay! The Daily Show

9:08 pm: The cast of Roots presenting the Emmy to Broken Trail. How’s that for irony?

8:56 pm: Robert Duvall! Finally, someone I actually wanted to win, won.

You’re right Robert Duvall, Westerns are amazing.

I hate it when they started to play the wrap of music: He should have said, “Hey I’m Robert Duvall, I kick ass.”

8:51 pm: Ah, the circular stage makes sense now.

The singing is great; the actual performance is awful. Sorry Tony Bennett, you and Christina do not mesh well together.

8:41 pm: The “Original Writing in a Variety Show” award. Always the best part of the night.

“Thanks to OJ Simpson we’ll have a show tomorrow”

8:38 pm: Katherine Heigl! WTF!! I have to go eat a tub of butter now.

My roommate: “What? She was so whiny! I wanted to slap her!”

8:34 pm: MONTAGE!! I love montages, especially when they feature Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert and David Letterman.

8:27 pm: Thomas Haden Church wins for Broken Trail.

8:26 pm: Oh, Katherine Heigl. Hate her acting, but other than that she’s cool.

8:24 pm: Jamie Pressly (sp.) wins. Eh.

8:22 pm: The Paula Abdul drug addict jokes never get old.

8:14 pm: Best Supporting Actor in a Drama Series: Terry O’Quinn, Lost. Hmm. I was expecting Masi Oka to win.

8:12 pm: First award of the night: Jeremy Piven, Entourage. Shocker.

8:10 pm: Is Ray Ramono now hosting the Emmys or something?

8: 04 pm: The one thing that bothers more than Seacrest is American Idol references. I hate this formal feeling at award shows. Seacrest did a good job for what its worth.

8:00 pm: I like the circular stage. Brilliant idea! Brian and Stewie from Family Guy opening the show. “I hear Isaiah Washington is taking Kramer’s place!” Amazing.

7:57 pm: Yay! Live-blogging! My mother will be so proud that I passed up writing my Italian essay to watch an award show for tv shows I don’t watch.

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